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Valuable insights on your company—benchmarked against other organizations similar in size, industry, or geography—designed to help you make more informed and strategic decisions.


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Benchmarking Solution Features




Pay Equity



Namely Benchmarking provides insights to clients based on system data from across more than 1,400 mid-sized companies and 250,000 employees.

The solution goes beyond top-level metrics into the drivers that help you understand talent and engagement at your company.
Clients are issued quarterly reports that provide them with access to powerful HR data and insights around
headcount, turnover, diversity, pay equity, benefits, and more.

Competitive Insights Tailored to You

Instead of guessing how your company’s KPIs rank among other companies and your competitors, Namely Benchmarking shows you where your business needs to make changes to maintain a competitive edge and improve business outcomes.

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Prioritize Compliance to Build a Better Workplace

Namely Benchmarking helps you stay compliant by offering data-based insights into pay equity, allowing you to understand if your compensation strategy is fair and equitable across gender, ethnicity, title, and tenure. With this information at hand, you’ll have the tools to make informed decisions about employee compensation.

Meaningful Metrics for Diversity and Inclusion

Today, most mid-sized organizations struggle to find a meaningful solution to evaluate their internal diversity. Namely Benchmarking addresses this challenge by showcasing your workforce’s diversity in various metrics with in-depth reports. Your HR practitioners will have the tools they need to accurately assess if your organization has created a fair, equitable workplace with a diverse talent pool.

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Leverage Data to Drive HR Initiatives

With insights delivered in executive presentation-ready reports, HR professionals can easily share benchmarked data on internal mobility, turnover, workforce diversity, and benefits relative to companies like yours. Use the time you save compiling your key people operations data points to focus on making action plans based on your company’s results.